An In-depth Overview Of In-wall Speakers – Reasons Why You Should Buy Them

In-wall speakers get perfectly blend into the environment of the room and add to its elegance. They look more classy than floor sound systems. They save you the hassle of banging things with your devices or always keeping your devices at some place appropriate. They do not compromise your floor space and can be custom adjusted to your preferred location and provide a quality surround sound experience.

Why should you choose in-wall speakers?

• You must have built your room with utmost care and elegance. Such systems do not conflict with the aesthetics of your room.
• You get better sound quality and the best in class sound with in-wall sets.
• They can be installed at almost any place of the house including kitchen and bathroom.
• Being tucked in the wall, their size would not be much of an obstruction for movement.
• They offer durability. These devices have a larger life than the other types of sound systems.
• They clear up the floor area, providing you extra room to furnish as per your wish.
• They cancel out the sound reflections from the wall and hence providing you with higher sound quality than other devices.
• You can even mount an LCD that fits in with the device itself, tucked inside the wall. It will give a modern and sleek look to your room and you can efficiently work around with your device through the display.

Buying Guide – Things To Look For Before You Make The Purchase

• Performance and sound quality of the device

Any speaker should not produce the sound of a frequency higher than 20,000 hertz. A normal human can hear frequency from 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz. Once your device is installed in the walls of your room, it would be difficult to move it again or replace it. Therefore, ensure the performance of the device before you buy one.
When buying online, refer to the user reviews of individual devices or best test the performance at the nearest store to be sure. The device should be able to distinguish between the highs and lows clearly. It should have a clear bass that does not saturate even on high volumes.

• Dimensions

Though the device is to be ultimately placed inside a cut in the wall, make sure that you select one with appropriate dimensions. A speaker too big would rather not sit inside a room with a minimalistic design. The size should be good enough to blend in with the dimensions of the wall. The system should neatly fit into the wall. The size of the speaker will surely determine its audio output. Try to make a perfect balance of the sound output and the size of the device.

• Speaker placement

The device is to be placed inside a cut out on the wall. The cut out should have appropriate arrangement for wires to reach them. To avoid any hassles, you can also go for wireless devices. But a wired device with the same power rating would give better sound output than the wireless speakers.

• Longevity and climate

If you are to place the device outdoors, make sure that the device is moisture proof. You can also choose to put a suitable protective coating over it to avoid any damage from the climate. The speaker should be made of high-quality material so that it has a long life.


In-wall speakers provide the perfect blend of quality, style and elegance. They spare you some room space so that you can furnish your favorite item there. Choose a device carefully, as once installed, it will be difficult to do any rework with your devices. It is also advised to hire professionals to install these systems in your house.

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